Today we are going to talk about the problem of sound on your laptop or PC, you can listen to music very well but your voice is not being recorded, Or echo while recording on your laptop, Either the background sounds a lot, or the sound is soft, or the headphones are not supported, you have not got any benefit from using new headphones, you can fix this problem. Through the settings on your laptop or PC.

How  To Fix Windows 10 Microphone Not Working

 Today we will discuss about it step by step below.

(Before you follow these 6steps, you need to properly connect the microphone to your laptop or PC.)

1st Way to fox microphone not working in windows 10

  (If the inbuilt microphone doesn’t work on your laptop)

  •   you need to press Windows Eye, then you need to go to System.
  • Then click on the Sound option, scroll down and you will see the input option written below it. Ben Manage Sound Device Click on it,     
  • Look at the bottom of the page that will open in front of you. There will be a disabled option. Below that there will be two microphones disabled. Click on the two and enable them.
  • If you do this, you will see that the microphone on your laptop will be enabled.

2nd Way to fox microphone not working in windows 10

If you want to enable an external microphone, what should you do?

  •  Click on Windows I  again, as before click on system

  •    Then click on the Sound option and you will see a little down. Click on the Device Properties option.
  •  Then look at the small box at the bottom of the microphone text that says decibel, click on decibel.

This way the external microphone on your laptop will be enabled.

3rd Way to fox microphone not working in windows 10

What to do if your laptop is not recording or the microphone is not working?

  •  Go to Windows Eye Press System, as before click on Sound option,

  •   Then look at the microphone privacy settings option on the right side of your laptop, click on it,
  •  Now look, it will say Allow Apps to access Your Microphone, if it is off, click on it and turn it on, and look at the bottom, it will show the apps that you use, now turn on the app that you will be recording with,

  • Let’s go down a little bit again and see that it will also say desktop apps to access your microphone, if it is also off, turn it on,                Check if your apps are on below, 

4thWay to fox microphone not working in windows 10

  •   Sound again, click on the Sound Control Panel option on the right, then click on Recording,

Right click on the microphone you are using, then click on the Properties option at the bottom.

  •  Click on the Levels option. If the microphone label is low, recording is not possible, so enter the label 90-100.

Then check the microphone boost below,

  •  Now click on the Advanced option, turn on the exclusive mode at the bottom, then bake and press OK,

  •  Press the communication option, check if any of your sound is muted, if muted there will be no recording.

5thWay to fox microphone not working in windows 10

  •  Press Windows X, then press Device Manager, then Sound Video and Game Control option.

  •  Uninstall the high definition audio device, then right click and scan for hardware changes, restart your laptop once,

  •  Then scroll up, click on the audio input and output option, then click on the driver option in the microphone update to update, (requires internet to update).

6thWay to fox microphone not working in windows 10

  •  Press Windows I again, come to system, press Sound,

  •  Scroll down, click input option, then click Troubleshoot,

  It will take a while, then the solution will be fixed, then turn off the troubleshoot, if you do this, if there is any problem in the settings on your microphone, it will be solved.

I think if you follow these 6 steps of mine, you will not have any problem (how to fix Windows 10 microphone note working)

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