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How to reset Apple ID password

              How to reset Apple ID password

I WILL TALK ABOUT IT BELOW Those of you who use Apple phones or Apple iPods will know how important an Apple ID or password is to use these, You can’t download any apps on Apple phone without a password, There are a lot of problems with using more Apple phones, But if one day you forget your Apple ID password or want to change the password, how do you do it, How to reset Apple ID password?   In a very short time and in a very simple way, That is what I will say today with a images in my article below.  STEP BY STEP. You can easily complete this process by following the articles and images written below.

step 1
  • First you need to open any browser, I opened the safari here, Now go to the search bar and search  ( APPLE  ID.APPLE.COM)
Step 2
  • Apple’s web site will open in front of you, Just look at the text below (For got Apple ID or Password) and click on it,
Step 3
  • Now a new page will open in front of you. It says Enter your Apple ID, Enter the Apple ID that you want to change the password of the Apple ID and press Continue.
Step 4
  • Now look at the text, Enter your phone number, Enter the phone number that is added to your Apple ID, then press Continue.
Step 5
  • Now look at the two options for reset password ( Do not Allow  and  allow ) you have to press Allow.
Step 6
  • Now you need to enter the passcode of the phone, Enter the passcode with which you unlock your phone,
Step 7
  • Now you will be asked to enter the new Apple ID password, Enter a hard password to keep in mind, Then press the next option in the upper right corner.

Now the done option, option will come down at the bottom Press it. and you will be able to change your password in this way.(Another thing is to have that phone number with you and keep it on because that number will get a verification message by which you can change the password) Now write the password in one of your Diaries. So that You can find what you need in the future. Thanks for reading this article.

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