How to reset and recover your Instagram password

     How to reset and recover  your Instagram password

Instagram is a fun and entertaining app,
Instagram is used by billions of people,
The popularity of this Instagram is growing day by day,
VVIP or common people all use Instagram,
You can share photos, videos and stories on Instagram,
There are two types of Instagram accounts, a personal account and a business account.
I don’t think anyone who uses Instagram needs to be told how to use Instagram anymore.
Those of you who use Instagram know how important a password is,
If you forget your password, you will not be able to open this app,
What to do if you ever forget your password,
No problem, today I will tell you how you can easily recover your password in 5 minutes, Let’s see how to reset Instagram password, (First of all, you have to logout your Instagram account from the Instagram app)

Step 1

Now you need to open the Instagram app, Look at the bottom of the Enter Face that is written Forget your login details? Get help signing in. Click on that.

Step 2 

Now see Find Your Account, in the box below it is written  Username, Email or Phone, enter the option you like or   remember in these three options, I am here to enter my email id.

  •  Look again, the three options are showing 1. send an email, 2. send SMS , 3. login with facebook ,  If you have a phone number, click Send SMS, And if you have an email ID, click on Send  Email, Since I am here with an email id, I click on Send  Email, Clicking will send an email to your email id.
Step 4
  •  Then go to the email id and open the email send  by Instagram, If you do, you will see your username, And see below, you are asked to login by clicking on login.
Step 5

Now see Change Password, Look at the two boxes below that say New Password and Confirm New Password, you type your new password, Click on the Change Password option below.This time the text will show Change the Password successfully,This way you can reset your Instagram password, I don’t think you’ll have any more trouble recovering your Instagram password. I would be very happy if you could help me with this article.You can use Instagram again. And spend time with Instagram and enjoy, 

Thank you for reading this article of mine with your precious time.

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