How to password protect a folder

Hello friends, today we will discuss a very important topic, how to keep your own file or folder hidden from everyone,

Why do we lock our secret files with password

We share our laptops or computers with many people, whether they are family or friends, or with work colleagues, but everyone has their own say on our computer, there is something to share. Can’t do it, be it a photo or a secret paper or financial paper of my own, but many people use the same computer, so if anyone can open the folder that I keep my own hidden photos or documents, we are in great danger. We can read, so we need to lock our secret folder with a password,

How to password protect a folder

  • What good is a folder if we manipulate it with a password, no one will be able to open it, whether it’s kids at home or your workmates or your friends, or if your laptop is lost or stolen? If you have people in your folder, it will be difficult for them to open the folder, so I think you should keep the folder people, (How to password protect a folder) What we will do is we will discuss below step by step today,

So let’s take a look at how to manipulate folders with a password, step by step. First we need to download a small software to lock our folder,

The software is called WinRAR,

  •   Go to Google and search for WinRAR, first you will see the download option, click on it to download,

After downloading, double click and install,

The software will show 40 days validity but it will always work.

  •  Documents or photos or the ones you want to lock with a password will be taken to the first folder, then go to that folder and right click and after a while you will see the Add to Archive option, click on it.

  • After clicking on Add to Archive, the Set Password option will appear, You need to click on the set password option, After clicking you will see 2 boxes in which you will be asked to set a  password, you can enter the password as you like,
  •  2 more options will appear a little below (i) so password, (ii) encrypted file name,   you have to click on 2nd options  encrypted file name, when you create a zip file to see what documents are in your folder and someone else If not, then encrypt it here and make it OK.
  •  Then you will see the option ‘Compression Method’, if you click on the compression method, many options will come, click on the ‘Best’ option and click OK, if you do this, a folder will be created after some time.

  •  If you double click on the new  file that has been created, you will be asked for the password. Enter the password you have given and press OK.
  • How do we use those files again? If we right click on that new file, we will see that the first option is to say extract file, click on it, then press OK, then enter the password option again, press OK with the password. Now you can use the files.


This way we can easily password protect our personal documents or folders, it saves our files smaller, saves us a lot of MB and saves a lot of space on our hard disk and if you want to mail someone, you don’t have to create a new PDF. ,Want to hide your own files or folders,
But who could not hide it, Now you can hide your personal files or folders, And you can easily lock a file or folder with a password We think you will have no problem using this software, Almost many people use this software and I also use it, And if you have any information about this in our article, Or if we have something to say, you must comment ,Thanks for reading this article.

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