How to Find Microsoft Windows Product Keys

The laptop or computer we use has to buy Windows or install it from the market, when we purchase we get a product key and product ID with that window, we can open our window with product key and product ID, so this product key and product ID is very important. You reinstalled Windows on your laptop or computer for some reason, but its product key and ID are nowhere to be found, or you forgot your Windows product key or left it somewhere and can’t find it anymore, without the product key and ID in Microsoft Office Can’t work
If you do not have product key and product ID you may have to buy a new window again, but I am asking you to install a small software, you need to install this software. Then with this software you can easily and in a short time find your forgotten product key and product ID.

ProduKey is a useful tool for users who have lost the IDs and CD keys for programs they have installed on their computers. With ProduKey, users can uninstall and reinstall the software they own.

How to Find Microsoft Windows Product Keys
How to find it again very easily, that is what I will tell you today in my article below with pictures.
  •  First you need to download a small software. How do you do that? Go to Google and search by typing(produkey),

  •  Open the page that will come in front of you and look at the top ( and click on the link that will come.

  •    After clicking, you will see the 4 option of downloads You can download it by double clicking on the first one.
  • download produkey( in zip file)

This software is 100 KB and less.

  •  Now open the software and you will see three options, you don’t need to install it, you just have to run it, so double click on the middle box,

  •  Now look at the run option in a small box, click on it, then you will see your Windows and Microsoft product keys and product ID showing,

If you want to save these, there is an option to save them at the top left. Double click on it and save it. This way you can easily find your forgotten or lost product keys and product ID, It doesn’t matter if you forget the product keys or the product Id.
You have no more fears or worries, If this problem occurs to your family or friends, follow my this short article, You can find Microsoft Windows Product Keys in a very short time and easily

If you have difficulty searching and downloading this software, then there is no problem. There is a link in my article. You can download it by clicking on that link, link is given below,

I would love for you to read this short article. Thank you for reading this article.

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